Q: Will you match competitor's rates? 


A: Yes. If possible we will match competitor's rate. Remember, there are several different factors that every DJ uses to determine their rate. If someone has given you a better price for the same service that we offer, let us know, and we will see what we can do to match it or beat it.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or prices?


A: No. The price quoted for your event is the total price unless your event runs longer than expected and we both agree on extending the service. There is no sales tax or setup fees.

Q: When is the soonest we can book with your company? 


A: You can book with us as far in advance as you want. Summer dates and popular dates such as Christmas and New Years book early and fast.. We would suggest 6-9 months in advance if possible so you're not stuck at the last minute looking for a good DJ. Remember, even though sooner is better we won't say no just because its last minute. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

Q: What if we need to cancel or change our date?


A: We believe in providing a great service and part of that includes working with our clients from the beginning to the end. If you need to cancel for any reason at all and it is 30 days or more from your event we will refund your deposit in full. If it is within 30 days we will not be able to refund your deposit. If you need to change your date we hope that we will still be able to provide services for your event. If we are available on your new date we will gladly switch the dates for you. If we are not available on your new date we will follow the same guidelines as with a cancellation.


Q: Do we get a contract? 


A: Yes, you will get one of our standard contracts. You can click here to view our contract.

Q: Is there a deposit? 


A: Our standard deposit is $150. We require this within one week of booking your event or when the contract is signed. This will allow you piece of mind in knowing your event is locked in and allows us to maintain our calendar in a professional manner. If your event is beyond our normal operating area or has other unusual circumstances the deposit may be higher. We will discuss this prior to you signing a contract. The remaining fees are due prior to the start of your event.

Q: Is setup and tear down time included in your price?

A: Yes
. Since we don't charge for setup and tear down we say it is included . Our rates are for the time we are providing a service. We will arrive in advance of your event with plenty of time to setup and test our equipment and to make sure there are no last minute changes.

Q: How will you be dressed at our event? 


A: Appropriately, as determined by you. We believe in dressing for the occasion, fitting in, and making sure we don't take away from your event. We always discuss this before your event to make sure you are satisfied.

Q: Will you advertise at our event?  


A: No. We do not advertise in general but we do have business cards available at our table in case some of your guest would like to book us for their event. Our vehicles have our name and contact information displayed on them that may be viewable depending on where you want us to park. Other than this we do not advertise in anyway.

Q: Will you be inviting possible clients to view our event? 


A: No. This is your event and we believe that you should be the only one inviting people. 

Q: Will you actually be the DJ at our event? 


A: Yes. We will be the DJs at your event. We do not contract or hire out. If there is some unavoidable, last minute emergency, our partners from Roberta, GA will be our backup.

Q: When do we finalize our event details? 


A: We like to have the details finalized two weeks before the date of your event. We understand that there may be times when this is not possible and we will make exceptions as needed.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?


A: Yes. Everything comes in two's. We have two of everything needed for any event we provide a service for. Even though we test our equipment before each event you never know when something may stop working so we always have a backup.

Q: Do you take breaks? 


A: Yes. When we say we take a break it means that there are times when there is only one DJ at the table instead of two. Our music never stops and one of us is always at the table to make sure everything is going as planned or if you need us for anything.

Q: Can we select the music played at our event?


A: Yes. We welcome your input and believe that your input is what makes each event unique in it's own way. Our experience gives us the ability to customize a play list for each customer and event and we will discuss the play list we have created for you before your event to make sure it meets your approval.

Q: Can we request songs that you don't play or have a "don't play" list? 


A: Yes. It's your event, of course you can have "don't play" songs. You can also tell us what genre's or artist you don't want played. All songs that are or aren't played can be your decision.

Q: Are you more than a DJ? 


A: Yes. We are a DJ first but we are also entertainers and depending on your event and how much you want us to interact with you and your guest. Whether its keeping people on the dance floor with great music or entertaining your guest with games and interaction we're the DJ's for you. We can also be the MC and keep your event running smoothly. Call us today so we can answer all your questions and get your event booked!