Wedding Reception Order of Events


Below is a guideline used by Party2Go2 to help plan your wedding reception. This is only a suggestion and can be changed to fit your reception’s needs.


Reception Agenda


1) Cocktail Hour (Normally no more than 45 minutes)


2) Wedding Party Entrance


3) Bride & Groom’s Entrance


4) Bride & Groom Welcome’s Everyone to their Wedding


5) Blessing of the Meal


6) Meal (If buffet, DJ can call guests up to the buffet line by table. Normal order is 

    couple’s table followed by wedding party, family tables and then rest of the guest.)


7) Toast(s) Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, etc.


8) Couple’s 1st Dance


9) Parents Dance (Father/Daughter-Mother/Son)


10) Special Dances (Grandparents Dance, Money Dance, Snowball Dance, etc)


11) Dance (Length of time varies but usually between 30-45 minutes)


12) Cake Cutting


13) Bouquet Toss


14) Garter Toss


15) Dance Until it Ends


Additional Events


1) Couple’s Toast


2) Reception Line


3) Center Piece Give Away